Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The Washington Post shares Obama's defense of his "stimulus" plan:
President Obama mounted a staunch defense today of the economic stimulus plan now before Congress, chiding critics who want it to focus primarily on tax cuts and asserting that Americans rejected their theories in the November elections.
That's easy to say, and all well and good, but it implies a much bigger consensus than is factual. Remember, we talked about this here.

As a refresher, only 53% of people (who even bothered to vote) picked Obama and therefore by implication his policies. Voter turnout was under 57%, mind you. Simple arithmetic tells you then that of all Americans of voting age, about 30% chose The O. Only 3 in 10.

You could do the same math on any election of course, but I don't recall other Presidents throwing their victory in everyone's face so often. "Hey, you picked me... so whatever I do is your fault."

Yes, Obama won the election. That does not imply universal agreement with everything he does after that point, and he should stop pretending it does.

Barring that, it certainly doesn't extinguish the right of the other 70% to call B.S. every now and then.

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