Friday, November 7, 2008

The More Things Change™...

I had to actually dig a little, to find an article that at least made an attempt to touch on both sides of the "day after" attacks on Governor Palin.

I don't know if I can remember a candidate for anything of this scale being so savagely attacked from day one, and I certainly don't recall a losing candidate being villified this severely after the election.

In these times of swirling Change™, it seems like we're being encouraged to dwell on something that no longer matters. Or is it that certain people are envious, and others are flat-out terrified? What else could be continuing to stir up this pack of ferocious jackals?

I don't know if she's a future candidate or not, but I do know that the Democratic Party and it's powerful lobby known simply as "The Media" are exhibiting behavior that is quite frankly sickening here. Let the woman go home in peace, already... or at least give her the rest of the week off. She has 5 kids who don't need your barrage of poor sportsmanship and slander.

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