Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Time to Backpedal?

As the mainstream media chortle joyously about Obama's lead in the polls, and today in the general election ("calling" states for him after as many as 0% of the votes are tallied - which I've always had a problem digesting), there have been a few quieter stories about the weight of expectations faced by the candidate, and how this might be a

In recent days the Obama team have admitted they are nervous that people will end up feeling disappointed by an Obama presidency because their expectations of what he can do may have been driven sky-high by his soaring rhetoric.

Are they really saying people shouldn't have believed them? Of course there will be disillusionment among the people who have been allowed to believe that they will no longer need to pay their bills or mortgages, and that all of their problems will be solved by eliminating the tax cuts of the last 10 years and reallocating them to those who earn the least.

Fear not, though. I doubt the media will be able to tear themselves away from frenzying around their new idol long enough to notice reality settling in.

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