Wednesday, November 5, 2008

That About Sums It Up

Americans joyous, worried after Obama victory

I don't get all of the hand-wringing, though. This election was a great thing for America in a lot of ways. Those inclined to panic need to take a deep breath and refresh their perspective.

Life will go on... and the biggest cynics and pessimists should hope to be wrong. In the meantime, we can embrace the dream that maybe, finally, skin color is not an obstacle to opportunity in America. We can celebrate yet another exercise of our democratic process, and this time with relatively little legal wrangling or delayed concession (ahem -- Al Franken). Everything was essentially peaceful and orderly, Black Panther Party extracurriculars notwithstanding. There will always be anomalies, but things went well.

Maybe the result isn't ideal, but who knows. Either way, you can suck it up and weather the storm (and voice your opinion -- God Bless America), or you can celebrate and hope the promises to make everything sunny again are true, but stick around and you will see the pendulum continue to swing back and forth. With a little luck, everything will still be standing, transition after transition.

And if it's not, everyone will be there to blame everyone else.

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