Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And For Good Reason, Too

61% of Americans Oppose Auto Bailout
"A full 70% of respondents indicated that a bailout is unfair to taxpayers."

That's because it is. These are not the principles upon which this economy is built. Applying socialist policies to a supposedly free market enterprise is doomed to fail. I'm all for a robust automobile industry in the US, as well as the jobs that would go along with it. But it has to be real - meaning competitive in quality, features, and price.

The best thing for America is not to "Buy American" simply because something was made here... the best thing for America is to have America build the best products. Then everyone will be buying American (except the Japanese, of course).

Similarly, the best thing for the American auto industry is not to throw (other people's) money at it and artificially make it look successful. The auto makers need to compete better, with more efficient labor, higher quality, competitive performance and pricing, and less annoying advertisements.

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Stoj said...

Until the UAW gives up their "Jobs Bank" program, they can bite me.