Monday, December 22, 2008

Sanitary Greetings

Is anyone else tiring of the increasingly bland seasonal wishes being shared?

"Happy holidays, if you in fact recognize any sort of holiday at this time. May you enjoy this time, if you choose to do so, and perform whatever activity it is you plan (or lack of activity) with the person or persons, if any at all, with whom you choose to associate. May this all bring you your desired degree of emotional satisfaction. This is our sincere wish for you."

Uh, what happened to "Merry Christmas?"

Also, the pre-printed photo cards with absolutely nothing personal or hand-written on them. The point is...? I literally received equally thoughtful and personal holiday greetings from my Walgreen's Pharmacy staff as I did from actual relatives.

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the wolf said...

I've often thought that sending Christmas cards in and of itself was one of the blandest manners in keeping in touch with people.