Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blago Rambles

Today, Governor (For Now) Blagojevich gave a rambling speech in defense of whatever shenanigans he was trying to pull to fill the vacant Illinois senate seat. As entertaining as that must have been, I was struck by the apocryphal heartstring-tugger he told about the Mexican immigrant woman who gets up at 5am every morning on the south side to get to her job at O'Hare. Uphill both ways, no doubt.

What struck me is how silly this is. Why not just move closer to O'Hare? It's not financially daunting--there are plenty of places within striking distance of O'Hare that would be comparable to where that woman lives now.

Secondly, what's the big damn deal about getting up at 5am? I get up around 6am to come to work. And a lot of those times I'm really hung over. Buck up, lady!


Max Power said...

Yeah, but you're American. Sissy!

WGN radio today ran an ad asking listeners to "tune in" to an upcoming show "as we welcome new Governor, Pat Quinn!"

Sometimes the cart just works better in front of the horse.

the wolf said...

Pardon me while I don't get all fired up over a guy who has been an entrenched Illinois Democratic apparatchik for decades.

Also note: Pat Quinn was an aide to former Democratic governor Dan Walker, last seen serving time for S&L fraud.

I'm starting to see a pattern here.