Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Coming Disaster

No, I'm not talking about Obama's presidency--the jury is going to be out a while on that one. I'm talking about the literal disaster declared in DC for the inauguration.

President Bush on Tuesday declared the District a federal emergency area, clearing the way for the city to receive federal money to help cover the overwhelming cost of providing security for official inauguration events.

Seriously? And where are the folks who were apoplectic over the cost of Bush's 2005 inauguration? Not to be found in the media, where they are actively campaigning for an expensive soiree. Unbelievable.


rachael said...

Thats just crazy. Now is not the time to throw a massive party.

Its like a couple of young lovers with NO money, who go into debt to throw their wedding party. Stupid.
Go to city hall and do it.

Can't Mr Obama have a simple City Hall type inauguration? They could explain that they are leading by example and cutting out useless spending, you know, seeing as the ecomony is in the toilet?

....Priorities people, get them straight.

Max Power said...

Now that you mention it, President Obama and the Media are exactly like a couple of young lovers... right down to incessantly texting each other, wondering if the other is thinking about them, and doodling the other's name on their notebooks...