Friday, January 30, 2009

More On The PorkFat Package

Over in The Corner, Ramesh Ponnuru wonders why liberals are so appalled at the lack of support from Republicans for the stimulus package:

"I'm not quite sure why so many liberals are spluttering with rage over the Republicans' failure to go along with their stimulus ideas. It's not as though Republicans kept it from passing the House, or can keep it from passing the Senate. And if opposition is as politically suicidal as a lot of liberals are also saying—see the Toles cartoon today—it seems like it's a win-win situation for liberals."

I think, on the one hand, he's right. If this bloated spending effort is such a good idea, they should be ecstatic that Republicans are on the "wrong" side of the debate. They certainly don't need Republican votes, so anything Republicans do to distance themselves from successful fiscal policy should benefit Democrats greatly. One would think.

So the outrage from Dems seems to belie their confidence in this spending package. As I said earlier, they should be eager to own the bill but they still want Republicans holding their hand as they jump off the cliff. Maybe they've been reading the public opinion polls of late.

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Max Power said...

Is there a "but on the other hand" pending?