Monday, January 12, 2009

You're welcome

Normally, the #622 train arrives at 7:41 and runs express to downtown after a quick stop at Dee Road, but today it arrived at 8:00. Not unusual, especially with all of the snow we've had lately, but it soon became apparent that we had an inexperienced crew as well. Here's what went out over the P.A.:

Conductor: "Ed - can you get on and give these people an update as to what's going on?" [click]
Ed: "...."
Conductor: "Ed - you on?" [click]
Ed: "Uh, ladies an gentlemen - the 622 is, uh, running approximately 19 minutes behind schedule today, and, uh, will be making additional stops at Jefferson Park and uh, Irving Park. We thank you for your, uh, inconvenience. Er..."

You're welcome, Ed. And yes, everyone on the train was laughing at you.

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